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HMD Post for Facility

(Only for Facility, plz, will put one up for other games as needed, thx!)

How am I doing with Rufus? Feel free to truly critique, all I ask is that you be polite and honourable, as I will be toward those asking me for concrit.


RP Info For Rufus

IC Information:
Name: Rufus ShinRa
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Timeline: Just became president (Thank you, Sephiroth!) shortly before the end of the game
Age: 20

Rufus is human, of average height (probably about 5’8”) and slender build, but is apparently strong enough to fire a souped-up shotgun single-handed without being knocked on his tail by the kickback. He has medium blond hair worn slightly over his face, blue eyes to die for, and wears a natural expression of faintly annoyed amusement. Sharp dresser, always immaculate, tends to wear a lot of white accented with black or grey. Wears a single stud earring in his left earlobe, bearing a round bead made of red materia. Sometimes wears black leather gloves with no fingers (Turk biker gloves) and always has a clean linen handkerchief in his pocket, with his initials and the ShinRa crest embroidered in white on white.

Rufus is a master manipulator and knows eight million ways to creatively bend the truth; he can fire large weapons with one hand and not fall down, hang from under a helicopter in flight while firing weaponry with no apparent ill effect to himself, and is much stronger than he looks. He also has a reasonably high tolerance for pain and is able to master a number of different materia. He’s a strong judge of character (good and bad) and is very intelligent, the sort of person who does crossword puzzles in ink and always calls out the correct answers when watching quiz shows. But at the end of the day he really IS only human.

Personality: Rufus is a charming, sharply intellectual, delightfully manipulative young workaholic with lots of charisma and a major chip on his shoulder (with a father like his, can you blame him??). He has an ironic sense of humour and a tendency to drink a bit, with a very high tolerance for alcohol. Rufus was raised by wolves (oh all right, by Turks…) Possibly because of this he tends toward secretive, soft-spoken wryness, has a strong tendency to “read” a room and track the placement of people in it, is just a smitch paranoid, and is a tad obsessive about cleanliness.

Because of the stress-levels he has lived with all his life and the pressure he’s under all the time, Rufus is a prime candidate for killer migraines/cluster headaches. He goes back and forth between being a completely charismatic people-person who remembers names and faces, ferrets out of you your favourite color, flowers, birth date, etc. and remembers them--to being a cold-eyed, hard-headed businessman who will watch his Turks use a Manipulate materia on someone to get them to kill themselves. It’s all just part of the job on days like that…

Rufus ShinRa is the only legitimate son and heir of the late President ShinRa of the planet Gaia, and is now President in his father’s place since Sephiroth recently and most conveniently offed the Old Man. Rufus now runs the ShinRa Electric Power Company, which mines the Lifestream for energy for Planet Gaia; he is also the de facto ruler of the planet since his company has the largest standing military force on said planet. It has been claimed no one has ever seen him cry or bleed, a claim Rufus does not discuss. Ever. Mostly because they probably are not true… but it’s not a bad mythos to possess when you’re twenty and rule the world.

Rufus was raised to a life of privilege and riches, but paid dearly for it. His relationship with his father was never good even at its best, and there have long been rumours that the Old Man had Rufus’s mother assassinated. There are also rumours that the elder ShinRa used to abuse his son, then send him to Professor Hojo for mako and materia treatments so there were no bruises by press conference time. Rufus has spent much of his life therefore trying to fill emotional voids, learning to fire large guns, and trying not to be assassinated in his turn either by his father or his none-too-sane elder illegitimate half-brother Lazard. He has now managed to survive them both.

Having gone through an extended period of rebellion and scheming in his early teen years, Rufus later became cold and distant to all but his beloved protectors, the ShinRa Turks, who are probably responsible for turning him around to stop the excesses and prepare Rufus to take over when the inevitable happened--which it finally did. Being from Nibelheim in an ancestral sense (this is the location of the ShinRa mansion), Rufus is at least nominally an Odinist in terms of religion, but because of his interaction with the Turks is in the habit of referencing other deities like Leviathan. He believes completely in the Life Stream and often wonders about the affect the Company is having on it and the Planet by tapping it for mako and power. His little-known hobbies are scientific research, ballroom dancing (he watches “Midgar’s Got Talent” and “Dancing With the Stars” obsessively, though usually taped because he’s been working…) writing computer code, and playing the piano; if he were not Rufus ShinRa, he would have a pretty good shot at being a world-class concert pianist. Or an assassin. It would not be inaccurate to say he is a riddle wrapped in an enigma--and is a riddle that could probably stand some really intense therapy.

Overall Info Rating: G - NC17.
Death: Discuss beforehand please
Smut: Only with a plot.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: Yaoi yes, Het if plausible (please discuss beforehand)

New to Facility, so here's a pre-start listing; will update later:

Close to and completely trusts:
Reno, Rude, all Turks; presumed relationships there all around, especially close to Tseng.
Other ShinRa/FF7 people:
Sephiroth or clones, case-by-case/problematic
ShinRa execs, case-by-case
Immediate family: definite dislike
SOLDIERs: case-by-case
Cloud & WRO terrorists tree-huggers, case-by-case. :)


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